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7+ Free Keyword Research Tool – Get Low Competition Keyword Now

Without targeting the right keyword, you never going to rank high. And for that you will need great Keyword Research Tool.

Hey, everyone Sagar here.

I will explain the top-listed free keyword research tools here in this post.

Let me explain the first importance of keyword research for your blog.

See if you go for the keyword which has so much competition already, you will not rank for that keyword especially when you are working with a new Blog.

So, try to go with the keyword that has low competition and high search volume.

We all start our keyword research first with Google Keyword Planner but it has so many limitations.

Want to use other Keyword Research Tools than Keyword Planner?

There are so many options for you and they are free.

Yeah, you can dig some superb Keyword to target with these tools, but you need extra time.

Although if you are a beginner with a blogging career, Free Keyword Research Tools are Good Enough.

Let’s explore our list First.

1 Google AdWords: Google keyword planner

Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is the most trusted and old keyword research tool.

I don’t think anyone familiar with keyword research needs to know about Google keyword planner.

If you start your new website or blog, you can do keyword research for free with Google keyword planner.

When starting a blog, everyone doesn’t have sufficient budget in their hands to buy keyword research tool premium plans.

Blogger low on budget can go with this free tool.

Let’s look at what it can do for you by taking an example.

I’m targeting Belly fat here as my seed keyword.

Keyword Planner Belly fat

This tool will give enough data of keywords, such as how much competition there is with keyword or also about its search volume.

The best thing about using this tool is, you get data directly from Google.

What extra do you want?

Google provides the keywords data you are getting.

Which will help you in ranking higher on Google?

List of things you get about any keywords from keyword planner are.

  • Monthly searches
  • Competitive value either low or high
  • Similar suggested words
  • Cost per click data
  • Advertiser competition

Bonus tip – Unless you spend money on Google ads campaign, it will limit your search data.

2. Ubersuggest


Many of you don’t want to rely only on Keyword Planner.

But for free, there is only one tool for you, which can compete directly with paid tools.

That is Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest is all in one tool; It will help you in almost everything.

I never saw this kind of tool available for free over the Internet.

There are many reasons to use Ubersuggest.

Either you are tight on your budget or you want to explore extra on keyword research beside Google keyword planner.

You can go with Ubersuggest.

Trust me this tool helps newbie Bloggers a lot in spying on their competitors and in doing keyword research.

You can do many things with this free tool, I am listing some of them.

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword Overview
  • Suggest keyword ideas
  • Give content ideas
  • Site audit
  • Backlinks checking
  • Show top pages that drive traffic

Ubersuggest is founded by Neil Patel.

Neil Patel is one of the top digital marketers in the world.

He is listed by various news agencies and magazines.

Neil Patel is an entrepreneur, marketer, and blogger.

Let’s see in the screenshot what Ubersuggest can do for you.

Protein powder Ubbersuggest

I’m targeting here protein powder as my seed keyword, have you seen anything.

It shows you content ideas also, how good it is.

3. Google Trends

Google trends

Google Trends is for you if you want to rank on the keywords that can give you traffic from high CPC country.

With Google Trends, you can filter out words that are trending in a particular city, country, or region.

Whenever you entered any keyword, you will get data about the relative popularity of that search over the past 12 months.

Comparing the search volume of two or more terms is a pace of cake for Google Trends.

Google also claims that hot trends update hourly to give better and latest results.

You can see the two most important aspects of any keyword with this tool.

  • Related queries to your target keyboard.
  • Popularity of that keyboard now and in the past.

Some bloggers may find it as iron seeds to chew.

But if you want to extract keyword ideas from Google trends.

You can get familiar with it in no time.

4. Google correlate

Google correlate

Google Correlate Next keyword research tool in the queue.

It is another semantic Keyword Research Tool, that helps a user to find that keywords and patterns which relate to real and current trends.

Google Correlate is best if you are using it to find a long-tail keyword.

Long-tail keyword has chances to be in low competition that can surely help you in ranking higher on Google.

It suggests your word related to seed keywords you enter in Google correlate.

Let’s look over an example.

If you enter Affiliate in google correlate search box, it will show words related to Affiliate that can be anything like commission, Affiliate Marketing or any words that relate with word Affiliate.

It provides 3 features in its left sidebar.

  • Us states comparison
  • Compare weekly time series
  • Compare monthly time series

After these three listed words, you can see shift series with the option to enter the number of weeks.

And they can also choose the country.

Use it It’s Free.

Note:- Google gonna shut down Google Correlate on December 15th, 2019. Because of low usage.

5. Keywords Everywhere

Keyword everywhere

Our Free Keyword Research Tools list never be completed without Keywords Everywhere mentioning.

Basically, Keyword everywhere is a free add-on to Google Chrome and Firefox browser.

It gives you data about volume, CPC and Competition data of any keyword.

Keyword Everywhere provides these data below every search.

  • Alexa Ranking
  • Whois data
  • Investopedia Data
  • Advertisement Data
  • Backlink Details
  • Source

You can also get an idea about related keywords of your targeted keywords, which will help you in making a post with the help of long-tail keyword.

Personally, I like this tool for Keyword Research.

It Analyzes any keyword over Google, Bing or any search engines.

This tool helps in getting every detail about your targeted keywords.

Also, you will get suggestions for a long keyword related to your Targeted Keyword.

Note – Sorry, this tool is paid from October 1.

6. Soovle


Want to see magic.

Visit And type your targeted keyword there.

Anything happens?

Yeah! you got tons of suggestions related to your Targeted keyword.

For example – I want to write post over Affiliate, I need some long-tail keyword to target. I want suggestion related to Affiliate keyword. See what soovle will do for me.

Soovle affiliate

Have you noticed anything in the screenshot?

There are tons of keywords data in front of us related to your Targeted keyword.

Use Soovle and make your post amazing, add extra keyword related to your Targeted keyword.

Which will drive tons of traffic to your Blog for every keyword?

Soovle gives data of any keyword from major Keyword mine factory.

  • Wikipedia
  • Amazon
  • YouTube
  • Bing

7. Answer The Public

Answer the public

Answer the public is a free keyword research tool that gives an idea about what people are searching in Google and Bing.

Actually, this provides everything related to your targeted keyword.

You can get data related to your targeted keyword.   

  • Preposition
  • Questions
  • Alphabetical
  • Related searches

let’s take an example.

I searched for my Targeted keyword “Belly Fat“, see what it shows. (Just to show you example)

Answer the public affiliate

You can see in the above screenshot.

Its shows everything related to targeted keyword in both form that is visualization and data.

Answer the public will help you most in finding long-tail keyword.

For which you can rank easily.

What I like most in answer the public is its data.

It provides enough data related to your keyboard such as. (we take example of affiliate as our target keyboard.)

  • What are affiliate
  • What an Affiliate do
  • How affiliate works
  • When affiliate pay
  • Where to promote affiliate links

8. WordTracker Scout

Wordtracker Scout

Another great Keyword Research Tool which also comes in the form of Chrome extension.

You will get the following data related to your search with Wordtracker Scout.

  • Page Summary In this section, you will get the words for which Page is ranking for, the keywords with high volume shown in dark color while keywords with low volume shown in light color.
  • Insights – you got page data here, with page title, keyword, number of words and relevance.
  • Keywords – I like this part most in word tracker scout, actually in this section, you will get an idea about your search keyword with details like keyword, search volume, competition, and opportunity.

Do you know one important thing about Wordtracker Scout?

The data it provides about the keyboard not comes from the Google keyword planner.

They take help of third-party sources like low search engines.

With Wordtracker Scout there is more chance to get real data, what actually real people search for.

Do you wanna rank higher?

Need some more related keyword of your seed keyword?

Just do one thing, go to Word tracker and search for your seed keyword.

I’m giving you it’s chrome extension screenshot how much it does for you. (I’m targeting Belly Fat as my seed Keyword.)

Wordtracker Belly fat

Frequently Asked Questions

Question – Why Keyword Research is important?

Answer – It will help you in ranking higher on search engines, you will get more traffic if you will Rank higher. There is a high chance of a better conversion rate.

Question – Is Free Keyword Research Tools Good?

Answer – Everything you pay for is not necessarily good, but if you are getting anything beneficial for free, it is good. And trust me you can Extract some Keyword with free tool also that are Real good.

Question – Which is the Best Free Keyword Research Tool?

Answer – Every Keyword Research Tools comes with their special features, but if you ask me to choose one I will go with Ubersuggest, it stands out overall.

Let’s Summarize It

Keyword research is one of the most important things in Blogging Carrer.

You can’t even imagine to write unique content for your Blog without doing keyword research.

Keyword Research is priceless thing for Blog and for that, You need some Keyword research Tool.

It’s like planting seeds before growing Big Tree.

One of the very important things to do Blogging in the right way is targeting the right keyword, For which you can rank high on Google.

I’m listed here some free tool for researching goof keywords.

Hope you will like it. Share the post if you like.

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