Blogging And Business

I will teach you the exact strategy to get succeed in the business of blogging and internet marketing. Note the point here only you will get proven methods.

What Is A Blog

Before starting a blog, understand what exactly it is, what are it's terms.

Best Niches

Choosing a niche only can decide whether your blog will be successful or not.

Blogging Mistakes

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Person Behind This Blog

Buddy, neither I'm a expert nor I love any expert, I'm a learner and try to teach you what I have learnt and experienced in my life related to passive income.

Sagar Deva
Learn and Teach

Hey, Sagar Deva here from AlternateBlog. I’m in the industry of blogging and online business, for many years. And now I’m here with lots of experience and proven strategies that will help you to grow your Blog and online business like affiliate marketing, podcast.

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